The view from Nuwara Eliya in Sri Lanka With My Friends
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Hellow, My Dears Please Come Share My Stories, Told Through Pictures From Zahir Hussain / South Eastern University of Sri Lanka

I am as an Information Assistant, at Science Library , SEUSL,  I could share a few photography tips with other photographers out there, in a shared effort to improve my own skills and help you improve yours.

Glimpses of Venice

With 400 bridges and 114 canals, Venice is a tourist's and photographer's

Getting Places in Venice
This picture shows some of the boats that act as lifelines for the citizens of

Beginning Photography Tips
Make sure you have the correct film for what you're trying to do. For
Questions? Send an e-mail

More Tips

If you're interested in learning more about photography, click on the following link, and also visit my Favorite Links page:

Let There Be Light
As this picture demonstrates, lighting can show the glory of the ordinary. For the best results, take pictures in the morning and evenings; the light at dawn and dusk brings depth and softness to objects and people.